Live in Liverpool December 2019

Thomas is performing an acoustic set as special guest of Connie Lush on the 7 December 2019 in Liverpool. Thomas and Connie will also duet a song they have recorded together for Connie’s new album.

‘Scared’ remixes

A set of 9 remixes of Scared by Thomas Lang has been released by Nang Records.


The songs are available digitally, to download or stream.

You can stream or download Scared here.

The 9 remixes are:

Scared – Kim & Buran Disco Version
Scared – Pete Herbert Remix
Scared – Imposters Late Nite Mix
Scared – Camanchi Retro Disko Mix
Scared – Imposters Hypno Dub
Scared – Pete Herbert Dub
Scared – The Pete Herbert Reprise
Scared – Kim & Buran Slowmotion Version
Scared – Pete Herbert Reprise Instrumental

Scared video

“I wrote this song with my old friend John Uriel. Scared is about how difficult and painful it was to come out. Many of my friends, lost and found are still there, some gone, some closer. Now I know how important it was to be honest and not to be scared, as its only made me stronger.

The original version of this dance remix can be found on the new Cherry Red expanded version of Scallywag Jaz, which is out on 10th November.

I hope it gives some support to those that still live in the shadows. Peace and love to you all. Tom xxx

PS Huge thanks to Jennifer John, Paul Thomas and my vamptraxboys x

Scallywag Jaz Tracklist

The Scallywag Jaz 2 CD 30 years anniversary reissue by Cherry Red Records is now available. The full track-list is below – and the album is now available to buy from Amazon and other stores.

T Lang fr10011. Fingers & Thumbs
2. The Happy Man
3. Boys Prefer
4. Me And Mrs Jones
5. Scallywag Jaz
6. Shoelaces (Mrs Jones Part 2)
7. Strength
8. Sleep With Me
9. Spirit
10. Injury
11. Envy
12. A Difference
13. Cry Baby
14. Mrs Jones Meets Godzilla
15. Have You Met Miss Jones?
16. Logic
17. Sympathy
18. Skin
19. Bulgaria
20. Sons Of

1. The Happy Man (7” Dj Version)
2. The Happy Man (New Version)
3. Boys Prefer (Single Version)
4. Sleep With Me (Demo)
5. Red
6. The More That You Expect
7. Scared
8. I Believe
9. Fingers & Thumbs (Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2016)
10. The Happy Man (Live In Tokyo, 1991)
11. Envy (Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2016)
12. Me & Mrs Jones (Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2011)
13. Shoelaces : Mrs Jones Part 2 (Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2011)
14. Have You Met Miss Jones? (Live In Tokyo, 1991)
15. Injury (Live In Tokyo, 1991)
16. Sons Of (Live In Tokyo, 1991)

Live in Liverpool / Scallywag Jaz

T Lang fr1001

Scallywag Jaz has been reissued as a 2 CD, 30 years anniversary reissue by Cherry Red Records.

Thomas is playing live at The Music Room, Liverpool on 7th December 2017. Further live dates are being planned for March 2018 to promote the Scallywag Jaz reissue.

Future releases

Thomas’ track Scared has been remixed by Vamptraxs productions and is due to be released this summer on a white label release for Ibiza.

Watch Thomas performing You’re my world at Liverpool Pride 2016. The video was filmed & edited by Jazamin Sinclair.

Thomas Lang’s The German Alphabet (CD and vinyl versions) are now available to buy at as well as online stores such as Amazon and streaming sites.

Read a feature about Thomas (that includes a review of The German Alphabet) in Liverpool’s Lifestyle magazine (September issue).

The track-listings for the vinyl and CD versions of The German Alphabet :

MUNICH (vinyl)

The German Alphabet
Pale Imitation
Lost Till I Found You
Be Missing
Lucky Me (alt version)
I Go Wild (alt version)
Sugar Don’t Work


The German Alphabet
Pale Imitation
Film Stars
Be Missing
Colorado Boulevard
I Go Wild (BBV)
Lucky Me
Kiss The Canvas
Sugar Don’t Work

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Lang Autumn Tour

Watch part one of an interview with Thomas talking about his latest album, The German Alphabet.

thomas-lang-the-german-alphabetKlee Music is proud and excited to announce it has signed a UK and European distribution deal with PHMD for the new Thomas Lang album The German Alphabet.

Due to their release schedules, The German Alphabet will now be released on 30th September 2016.

The album is available from as well as online stores such as Amazon and streaming sites.

The Liverpool, London and Manchester shows are now on sale – details / links on the live dates page.

25 April 2016

Thomas Lang is now on instagram – please visit his profile.